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Uni Exilite

Universeflex Exilite is the lightest Composite hose actually available on the market.


Light, yet robust and durable. Abrasion resistant, thanks to its external wire sheated in a thick wall polymeric black material.
A new revolutionary multi-layer thermoplastic hose manufactured around multiple layers of Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyester films and Polypropylene fabrics, with a weather-proof and abrasion resistant outer cover.
All the different layers are wrapped together and tensioned between internal and external wire spirals. This enables our product to meet the requirement of the oil tank truck industry.


Outer cover is also available in Elastothane, a special PU coated fabric; its UV, Ozone, Sunlight and weathering resistance, offers superior temperature and abrasion characteristics.


Exilite – Extra – Lightweight Hydrocarbon Suction & Discharge Hose – En 13765:2015 Type2



Exilite hoses are used in such applications as low pressure transfer for road and rail tanker loading and unloading, storage tank and in plant use.


Conveyants include light distillates such as petrol, diesel, paraffin, kerosene, gasoline, and it can also be used for Bio-diesel and Aviation fuels.
Where exceptionally low weight is indicated, Exilite is the answer. Inner wire is made in a special high tensile Aluminium alloy, while for the External wire is used a special Black antistatic PP coated Aluminium alloy wire. The result is the lightest hose available on the market, but still robust and strong, thanks to the Composite construction, and thanks to the highest technology involved in Universeflex manufacturing process.


Exilite hose is significantly lighter than other similar hoses, comparing on the same diameter, making it particularly suitable for petrol forecourt deliveries. Another advantage of the External coated wire, is that the hose has a full “Non Metallic” feature outside, therefore 100% sparkle free and will not sign or damage the truck’s body paints.


Universeflex Exilite hose is available in three versions:


  • Exilite PP : with both, inner and outer Black Antistatic PP coated wires.
  • Exilite AP: Inner Aluminium Alloy and Outer PP Black antistatic coated wire.
  • Exilite PA: Inner PP Black antistatic coated wire and Outer Aluminium wire.


And can be manufactured in two colours:


  • Orange with the Black spiral or.
  • Black with the Black spiral.


Universeflex Exilite hoses are available in 40 mt coils from 1½” up to 4”.


Universeflex Exilite assemblies are fitted with an extensive range of couplings readily available, externally swaged in Aluminium, Brass or Steel.


Universeflex Exilite hoses, according to the EN 13765:2015, are classified “Type 2” and are suitable for carrying gasoline, Kerosene, fuel and lubricating oils, including aviation fuels with aromatic content up to 100% at a temperature up to + 80°C, MTBE and Biofuels.


Universeflex Exilite hoses, are suitable as well for vapour recovery in vacuum conditions, not exceeding 0,9 Bar vacuum rating.


Universeflex Exilite assemblies are tested at 1 1⁄2 times rated working pressures for safety and reliability, in accordance with EN ISO 1402. The securing ferrule, at one end of the hose, is permanently marked by engraving, with manufacturer’s name, nominal bore, the hose assembly serial number and the test date. The marking of hose assemblies is made in compliance with PED Directive (97/23/ CE). Full test certification can be supplied on request.