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Anti Abrasion Collar and Hose Suspension Saddle


A new, revolutionary product that:


  • Protects hoses against abrasion.
  • Provides improved hose handling.
  • Improves safety.


Abrasion Prevention:

The innovative design of the Scuffrings prevents abrasion damage; hose contact with the ground or foreign objects is minimized.


Improved Hose Handling:
The Scuffrings can be used to lift or move the hose thereby greatly reducing the risk of hose damage due to excess bending, kinking or cutting.


Improved Safety:
The hose bending radius is protected and the hose is kept from kinking. Using Scuffrings, In addition to extending
and prolonging the life of the hose, it will prevent from kinking or otherwise becoming compromised. Hoist suspend or manipulate hoses unproperly can be very dangerous.


Design & Installation:

Scuffrings® are produced in two different types of materials:


  • Rigid polyurethane foam, yellow color.
  • Polyurethane elastomer in red color.


The anti-abrasion Scuffrings, manufactured as two halves, are made of abrasion and shock resistant polyurethane. The two halves can be easily assembled on-site using the stainless steel bolts and nuts provided with the assembly kit. Simply place Scuffrings® at the desired interval on the hose and then tighten the bolts.




Dock hose, suction hose, vapour recovery hose or any size
hose from 3” through 12” I.D.